Today, people have a hunger, a mysterious craving for something.... more.

A quiet sense that something important is missing.

Something is calling you.

Something you can’t quite define.  A juicier life.  One with mystery, adventure, and challenge!   One with meaning, purpose, and bone deep joy.  

Imagine a life where you follow your bliss and every last gift and talent you have is wrestled from your heart and your hands and put to use in ways you’d never even imagined.  A life where, when you die, you’re complete because you danced with life.  

You don’t wonder why you’re here.  You know.  Because you lived a life so uniquely you that no one else in the entire world could claim it.

You lived your Energetic Signature.

When you don’t follow your bliss you seek out the faint, hopeful scent of this mysterious energy everywhere: in reality shows, food, the mall, and a life crammed with ever more activities that cause stress, but never seem to satisfy.


So let me show you what your Wild Soul is calling you to and how that journey looks.

You may think that your goals are just about getting some thing: thin, success, money,  security, fame… 

You may think that suffering and failures are evidence that you’re not worthy enough to have the life you long for.

But they are not really about this at all

Your suffering and “failures”, your unique desires, and the goals you have are all clues on the path of a lifetime Quest.   

Suffering, failures, struggles, and “rock bottom” all wake you up to what has become ordinary and intolerable. Every new creation, every better thing, arises first out of destruction.  

The painful things in life split you open and spill out your Golden Seeds.

Out of one of these Golden Seed springs a longing and a deep desire for something different, something better than this suffering, something as yet unknown.  

In time, the Golden Seed births a recognizable goal- a destination to reach.
Within that seed lies the DNA of your realized goal already complete.  The path to realize your goal is already laid out before you as well, should you choose to walk the path and accept the challenges and lessons on the path. Everything you need lies within the kernel of this desire no matter how big your goal. 

This desire is an invitation from your Wild Soul-

it's your Call to Adventure.The call to adventure is a huge decision point.

In one direction lies the safety of the world you’ve known AND the suffering in it.  In the other direction lie the challenges ,trials and mysteries, and also the promise of the unknown.  


Which path you choose literally creates your life. 
Will you stay where you are and slog it out in the swamps? Or, will you accept the invitation to adventure?

In saying yes to the Quest, you step into the mystery, into the underworld of the unknown and things get exciting.

Here in the underworld you’ll make the acquaintance of the allies prepositioned on your path.  

  • You’ll draw closer to the Inner allies unique to you that are always with you.  Your inner resources and strength will be called upon to fight the villains and the epic battles as you walk your path.
  • You’ll encounter the Outer allies: the Guides, Mentors, Companions and Helpers for this particular quest.  

They'll arrive just when you n eed them and not a moment sooner.

The Call to Adventure will test you on the treacherous Road of Trials

  • The Road of Trials immediately weeds out those individuals too timid to stand for their dreams.
  • It will send back those with visions too vague and undeveloped yet to withstand the rigors of the journey.

The Road of Trials allows passage only to those willing to risk failure on the path to their destiny.

To those brave souls who pass the first test and dare to defy the Gatekeepers.

Beyond the gatekeepers lie the open road and profound tests between you and your cherished goal.

You’ll have your inner and outer allies with you and you’ll need them. 

Because along the Road of Trials you’ll also meet the villains and adversaries that will seek to block your path and shove you back. 

One by one  you’ll need to outwit and conquer them. 

You will be asked to accomplish many small and great tasks.  You’ll need to build and call forth skills and talents that you could not at the start of the journey have even imagined you were capable of.  Great persistence and faith will be needed to claim your prize.

Ultimately this journey requires that you “slay the dragon”  – conquer the fear that has kept you from realizing your goal and enjoying the fruits of it. 

You come face to face with this dragon and defeat it.

slaying the dragon

If you pass the tests and battle the villains courageously and thoughtfully you’ll often receive  “magical” assistance.

Doors will open for you that don’t open for others.  Doors you had no idea even existed. 

And they will open for you because they are on the path that’s aligned with your Energetic Signature.

These doors often open at the very last minute when you most need them and when you’ve done all that’s been asked of you. 

When you come to the end of the road there's a door.

door opens

And finally you reach the goal and claim your reward for an arduous and courageous journey.   

But even with the Holy Grail in hand the journey's not quite over yet.

We think the journey is about achievement, winning, success,  money, recognition, degrees, titles,  status, getting somewhere.  It’s not.  

The journey is about defying your personal gravity. 

It’s your Soul’s journey.


It doesn’t really matter what the goal is: losing weight, building a business, transforming a relationship, paying off debt, or becoming a better parent, they will all lead you to discover the power and the genius within you.

Your goals and your Quest for an extraordinary life are not selfish either.

For it’s in living your Energetic Signature that you also discover your purpose in life and serve others.  Along the path of each Quest, you’ll touch other people’s lives.  You’ll serve as the villain, gatekeeper, ally, guide, or resource in their story.  In a perfect choreography you’ll be prepositioned on their path of Adventure.

You see, nothing your Wild Soul calls you to is ever for you alone
When you bring back the lessons of your adventure then the journey is complete.

Patty Bear, The Flying Club® | www.TheFlyingClub.comI’m Patty Bear and The Flying Club® was inspired by my own improbable journey and by the unshakeable sense that the goals we choose have a much deeper meaning than just getting something we desire. 

It was born out of the hard won knowledge of  how to travel on the wings of the Wild Soul and the desire to share that with others who want to go beyond their horizons.

The Flying Club® is an Outfitter for adventurers ready to set forth on the wings of their Wild Soul and live out their Energetic Signature.  

We provide Mentors, Guides, Resources, and the Camaraderie of other travelers on your heroic journey.

Life's an Adventure - Live it!

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