3 reasons we struggle with goals

January 24th, 2012 by Patty Bear

Research shows that the 4-8 week point is often where people either quit or recommit to their goals.  It’s the point where it starts to feel hard and we get tested- “are you sure you want to do this”.   We always get tested when we make a decision.  Often within 48 hours and then again when things don’t go the way we had planned.  How serious are we really?
Here are 3 places to do a quick check up when it feels difficult.

1. Lack of committment– You are not doing your part.

Oh yes, in the beginning we are really fired up with good intentions. For a short while we make a massive effort, but then life gets busy and we forget what our part is. Or we don’t get results soon enough. Or, perhapsthey don’t look like what we expected.

Be consistent. That’s your part. Get help if that helps you stay faithful to your bigger life. The truth is that what you are required to do is a lot less than you think. But the one thing that you must bring to the table is committment. Nobody and nothing can substitute for that. Your resolve, determination, and courage are essential. Do you remember why you decided to do this? Is it still important?  If so make that decision again and again – as many times as necessary.

2. Out of Integrity in some way- You are working hard, but you are pursuing something not aligned with your heart’s desire- a should.

Perhaps you have chosen a goal for poor reasons. Maybe your goal is aligned, but the rest of your life is out of balance. You may be running around trying to do for others what they should really be doing for themselves.

That’s drag. Huge amounts of it. And it’s out of integrity on a variety of levels to do for others what they should be doing for themselves.

If you are struggling with a goal look around and see where you are carrying drag. Let it go and get in the flow.

3. Lack Faith- You are doing your part AND trying to do Spirit/God’s part as well.

By not allowing Spirit/God to open doors for you, not only are you working harder than you have to, but the solutions that arrive via Divine Design are truly outside the box. They are  revolutionary and often brilliantly simple.  When you think you have to make it happen you shut off access to divine solutions. All you ever really have to do is to make a decision, be absolutely committed to it, and keep your eyes open for opportunities, partners, ideas, and signposts that Spirit reveals.

Do your part and no more. Show up cheerfully, joyfully, expectantly, and relax into trust. Exercise your faith muscles / belief muscles. See where Spirit has always been there when you truly needed something and you allowed it.

In Joy,


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