Are you prepared for success- mentally and emotionally?

September 20th, 2011 by Patty Bear

Last month I answered a question from a reader about preparation as the key to success in the context of time management.   I talked about how important preparation was to a healthy relationship with time and ultimately success.  But there’s another element of preparation and that’s in your beliefs.

So here’s part 2 of that answer.

Preparation for success, mentally and emotionally, is  being in vibrational alignment with success.  It’s  believing  that you deserve it ,and are capable  of having and holding it. when it arrives.  Without this alignment it will be frustratingly in reach but never quite there.  So how do you get in vibrational alignment?  It sounds kind of funky.

Vibrational alignment is another way to think of flow.  If you want to suceed at something but you’re not taking any action  you’re not in alignment are you?  If you want to move forward but you don’t have a plan and you’re just working really hard, you’re not in the flow.  You’ll be spinning your wheels and suffering needlessly.  Of course, if you have a plan and you’re working on it steadily but you believe you’ll have to give up too much in the process you’ll stay in a pattern of struggle and always just out of reach of what you want.

Vibrational alignment or flow arises out of aligned beliefs, planning (time management being one part) and consistent, joyful action.  What you think determines how you feel and how you feel determines how much you struggle and ultimately  what you accomplish.

Interesiingly enough, many of the intrusions on our time and how we handle them, shine a spotlight on the very  beliefs that are out of vibrational alignment with our soul-level goals.

For most women we’ve been trained to see our value in relation to how much we do for other people rather than our intrinsic value (WHO we are in the biggest most abundant sense of the word). And because of that our boundaries around time, money, other people’s judgments, and our own sense of worth are very porous.

If we’re only valuable in what we do for others then it becomes obvious why it’s: hard to say no, hard to let the answering machine pick up, hard to claim time for ourselves, and hard to enjoy it when we do.

It also sets up and ongoing struggle with success and money.  If we’re only valuable as long as we’re giving then, ironically, there’s no space to receive what we most want.

Giving and receiving are a healthy dance. If you are always giving those muscles are going to get tired and feel like: resentment, anger, rage, despair, despression…

You can begin to strenghten your receiving muscles by looking at your beliefs around giving, receiving, worth, value, and money- and preparing new ones.

There is one myth that we’re called to confront again and again in our relationship with people and with time. That myth is that I am somehow more able and more responsible for meeting other people’s needs than they are. This belief is something that I operated under in a big way for many years at a heavy cost and didn’t even realize it. Today I am much better at setting boundaries in my time but still find myself caught off guard occasionally by some of the “master needers” in my life.

Time management or Time Alignment as I like to think of it calls us back to the truth of each person’s wholeness. They are perfectly capable of meeting their needs. And each one of us is incredibly valuable- period. Managing time is really about setting boundaries. A good question to consider is WHAT or WHO often invades your time boundaries and WHY do you allow it? What tribal belief is at work here?

In Joy,

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