Are you prepared for success?

September 6th, 2011 by Patty Bear

Recently a suscriber wrote to me, ” Loved your last newsletter. Thanks for how you challenge and inspire and encourage all in one. Would love to hear your thoughts on time management…specifically on the area of preparation. I’ve heard it said that “preparation is the key to success” at anything. What does that entail? How does that break down practically? I’m struggling with it.   If you should decide to use it as a topic for a future newsletter, I’d be thrilled.”

Great question!

First  of all let me say that  time management  always sounds like a very masculine concept  to me.  It fairly screams neat, tidy and  controlling, as if you can just  dictate how your day is going to go and everybody will fall in line.

No offense intended to guys by the way, but the gurus who  formed our ideas about time management lived in a world where they enjoyed the luxury of a singular focus- business and making money.  Someone else, called a wife, was usually keeping the rest of life tidy and at bay. For most women though, particularly those in small business,  life is a lot more messy than than this.

Crying babies , homework, household chores, and other people’s needs all mingle with the hubub of business and it’s challenges.  Each day is different; kind of like people.  That’s why I like to think of time as a relationship.

Is your relationship with time one of being constantly stressed out and never doing enough, do other people’s needs count more than yours, are you constantly off balance and reacting to crises? Or do you have a consistent and relaxed relationship with time, enjoying what you love, caring for your loved ones, and accomplishing your soul-level goals?

Staying focused and making progress, not to mention staying sane, means developing a masterful relationship with time: one that supports, encourages and loves you for who you are.  That relationship is entirely up to you and it begins with your preparation.

Preparation looks at these main areas:

1. what are you trying to accomplish?
2.  what has to happen for you to achieve that?  (lots of small steps)
3. which of these small steps is relevant this month, week, and day?
4. what might get in the way of that happening?
5. what will you do about it if it does?

Preparation is the backbone of your relationship with time.  No preparation is like having no backbone in a relationship.  You’re gonna get pushed around and that’s never fun.

A solid backbone on the other hand  means good boundaries ( which arise out of answering the questions above)  and a healthy supportive relationship with time- personally and professionally.

Hope this answered your question.

In Joy,

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