Breakdown or Breakthrough?

April 12th, 2012 by Patty Bear

How slipping up can be the key to big change

For many of us we just celebrated another holiday.  One with family, friends, and yes lots of  food.

Holiday’s, for a variety of reasons, can really challenge our best intentions around eating healthy.  For one thing, there’s lots of yummy food, often many of our childhood favorites.  We may also find ourselves carried along on a wave of peer pressure- everyone else is eating and enjoying why can’t we?

Of course, family dynamics are always in the background as well.  As much as we love them, holidays can create an underlying anxiety and stress.  We may also tend to slip into old roles and automatic responses, of which eating is the most basic comfort.

Holidays interrupt carefully devised health routines.  We eat foods that normally we wouldn’t and we sit and visit when we might be walking or exercising.  And all too often we come away feeling like a failure for not having more willpower.  We’re embarrassed by our breakdown.

But in truth, there’s a wealth of opportunity in this “breakdown”.

In aviation, our manuals have something called Cautions and Warnings.  They are clearly labeled in boldface and accompanied by a caution or warning that pilots are meant to pay particular attention to.  The cautions are the result of the airplane ending up in an undesired state, but not an accident.

And the Warnings we say, “are written in blood”.

Someone’s death caused that warning to be written.

Every pilot who follows, learns from the mistakes that caused that accident.  The early barnstormers actually crashed quited often.  Some lived to fly another day- and some did not.  But as airplanes flew faster and higher, and carried passengers, safety became incredibly important.  The learning that comes from other pilots’ mistakes over many years has laid the foundation for an amazing safety record in aviation.

We can do the same as we learn to fly with a more carefree body.

So you slipped up over the holidays?  Big deal!

What can you learn from it?

Did you know that your breakdowns are actually the key to your breakthroughs?  What do you notice about your own patterns?  When did you find yourself eating when you hadn’t really meant to?

Holidays are wonderful place to create your own cautions and warnings.  Instead of criticizing yourself what lessons learned could you pass on to others?
In Joy,

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