Can you trust yourself?

August 28th, 2012 by Patty Bear

I was so sad to hear of Lance Armstrong being stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles this week.  I don’t make a judgment on whether he cheated or not.  I simply don’t know.  But the fact is that so many other high level athletes’ cheating has been outed in recent years that it’s hard to believe in anyone or anything anymore.  And that brings me to today’s topic…

Can you trust yourself?

 I watch the breakdown of trust in the institutions around us: political institutions that can seem to do nothing but point fingers at each other, financial institutions that manipulate and cheat without regard to the consequences to others, entertainment that masquerades as fact based news, and athletes that once inspired us as they pushed the outer limits of the human spirit now crashing to earth as their shortcuts are revealed.  All around us the trust in others is being challenged in the most callous ways.

However, in every crisis there is an opportunity.

Perhaps for us the opportunity is to stop looking for trust outside of ourselves, to stop believing unquestioningly in others and to start building our trust in ourselves.  To inspire ourselves by finding that we have what it takes to push the outer limits of our own human spirit.

Perhaps what we need now is a quiet army of ordinary champions.

People who will rise up and inspire the rest of the world one person at a time by rejecting the shortcuts, the quick fixes, the style over substance, the excuses and the blaming.  People who will reclaim their own heroism by rolling up their sleeves and step by step tackling and overcoming their biggest personal challenges.   We need an army of people to demonstrate where trust really comes from.

Trust is fundamentally built from consistency.   By doing what we say we will do.  By taking the small actions that we know how to do even when the task before us rises like the Pyrenees.  To practice and practice some more even when results seem slow in coming. Within each one of us lies a champion if we simply put one foot in front of the other and move forward with purpose and resolve.

For those who aspire to be an army of ordinary champions, I leave you with one question:

Where do you know you need to build trust in yourself? 

Persistence, consistency, and character are the ordinary hallmarks of extraordinary achievement.

The steady practice of ordinary actions gives birth to extraordinary results.

In this you can trust.

In Joy,


Tailwinds – The Wind at Your Back

How can people trust the harvest unless they see it sown?

 ~ Mary Renault

People Often Ask Me … “Why is it called The Flying Club?”

I’ve been a pilot for 30 years, but the real reason is this:

When we try too hard, sometimes the very thing that we most want eludes us. We are driven where we would be better served by lightening up a bit.

  That’s flying!

Nowhere is this more true than our

aproach to weight loss.

Personally, I worked way harder at this

than I needed to for years.  And then

one day I stumbled upon an approach to

losing weight without struggling.

It changed the whole way I thought about

food , exercise, and myself.  Actually everything.  I was able to reach my ideal weight in a way  that delighted me in my life!

And that’s  the essence of The Flying Club®.

Lighten your mind, shift your habits, “takeoff” the weight

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