Do you know what your genius is? 3 simple questions to uncover it

August 23rd, 2011 by Patty Bear

At the end of your life will you be able to answer the question, why was I here- what’s my genius?

What will be the story of your life?  Will it be that you lived full out or that you left something on the table- maybe even a lot?

At one time you did know what your genius was and if your life today is filled with your passion, your genius, you are almost certainly living an extraordinary story- one that enriches you and those around you.  If you’re living your genius then you are living in the flow .   Your efforts are aided by the tailwinds of unenexpected  opportunities, assistance, and inspired strategies.

If you’re not living a life that feels extraordinary to you what would that look like?  How would a life that fits you like a glove look and feel? How would it touch the world and how would it feel to impact the world in that way?

Mostly, we dismiss the notion of genius for ourselves and the ability to live an extraordinary life.  Who me?  I’m not anybody special, really.  I don’t have anything to offer that’s valuable.  And anyway I don’t know how to give what I really want to share or who would be interesested in it.

How is the least important question by  far, but it’s the question I hear most often that just stops people in their tracks before they even begin to uncover their genius.

Here are questions that really do matter and that will get you moving.

What do I really, really, really want?  If you have the courage to answer that question, and it does take courage, then you have taken a giant step.  Struggle arises out of a stagnant vision.  A crystal clear vision is the headwater of a mighty flow.

What’s your big why?  Why is this so important to you?  In the answer to your big why lies your passion.  Passion is the life force that moves mountains when you have no idea how in the world to accomplish what you envision.  Passion is the inexhaustible energy that sources everything and it’s the face of your genius.

When is simply a definite decision that births your genius. I have no idea how, but I am going to do this. That’s powerful!
Napolean Hill in Think and Grow Rich  talked about the importance of a definite decision  which puts all kinds of gears in motion, many that you could not have anticipated and that will enrich you simply because you decided to move forward no matter what.

In Joy,

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