Don’t worry about fancy, just show up

May 17th, 2011 by Patty Bear

I’ve talked about routine as a tool for time management before, but the most effective routine for being successful at anything is very simple- show up.  It’s true for business, relationships, wealth, health- anything.

What does showing up mean?

It means that you consistently do what you know how to do- nothing more, nothing less. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated.  Boring, simple, and…… incredible!

This principle is so simple that many people dismiss it in favor of grandiose actions and complicated plans.  So let me illustrate the power of showing up in:

>>  Relationships:  Which option would you choose?

A partner who rarely pays attention to what you say, feel, or do, but goes all out for “date night”?  Flowers, great restaurant, attentive and magnetic, grand gestures.

or a partner who’s consistently: happy to see you and smiles when you enter the room, who puts their arm around you when you’re sad, and who loves to hang out with you?

>>  Business:  What’s more important to the health of your business; websites, marketing, or being absolutely faithful in paying attention to your customers?

Of course these are all important, but if you build your business on a foundation of consistency everything else will be so much more effective.  Imagine going all out in marketing your business but then not showing up on time to meet a new prospect.  Which impression wins?

>>  WealthHow often have you taken an outsized risk with your money in order to achieve a quantum leap in your wealth?  I certainly have.  If your track record is anything like mine in this area, it hasn’t achieved a quantum leap; it’s been money losing.

Showing up consistently with your money means saving consistently and a consistent investment philosophy.  Not big, not fancy, just effective.

>>  HealthEating healthy and moving regularly are cyclical events for many people.  Often they are great will power inspired pushes that simply don’t last.  This inconsistent approach undermines our confidence and health.  Showing up consistently with your health is about the small things: take the stairs, eat only what you truly love when you’re truly hungry, and move in ways that you enjoy…

If I told you to show up every day at the same place and at the same time and I guaranteed that a million dollars would be waiting for you, would you show up and would you be on time?

Of course you would! 

Even the most time challenged people will find a way to show up for a million dollars.

Well, that’s how Life operates.  Build a faithful record and what you desire shows up. But often people don’t, because they don’t trust that Life will show up. It’s not Life that’s not showing up- it’s you.

Show up.  Play the game. Have fun!

Where is an opportunity for you to quietly and consistently show up?


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