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Are you trying TOO hard?


You’ve lost the weight to look good

You’ve lost the weight because “you should”


Done every diet that promised fast

Disappointed because they never last


You  work  yourself  half crazy

You long to relax and just be lazy


But it doesn’t feel like YOU- this size

You want healthy, wealthy, and wise


It’s not about perfection anymore

It’s about being who you truly are



Discover  “The Lazy Way to Lose Weight”

1 of the 9 Keystone Habits of permanent weight loss


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Thank you so much for coming.  I loved having you there!  As promised I’m including the questions from my interview.  Here they are for you.



Discover the POWER of plateaus to accelerate weight loss– 4 steps to “takeoff”


1.  Confront Complacency–  What is your trigger point for getting complacent: busy, bored, lose faith, influenced by peers, complicated, or do you tell yourself it’s just too hard?


2. Get comfortable with the new YOU–   Who would be uncomfortable (jealous, feel abandoned/hurt, fearful, sad) if you changed and lost the weight or did it easily?


3. Release your Rebel–   What do you rebel against that you know would help you reach your goal- food logs, planning ahead, expectations, finding time, finding new ways to nurture yourself besides food, investing in support?


4.  Make it mean something–  What seems trivial or shallow (your version of “pretty shoes”) that you would really love to have or be as a result of losing weight?



Quit Trying and Decide

Get busy living, get busy flying!


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