Get Out of the Learning Mode

January 18th, 2011 by Patty Bear

Yes, you heard me correctly.  Stop learning.

Stop going to the next seminar, the next great workshop that’s going to change your life, waiting for the next coaching session, reading a book, etc.
Get out there and DO something.
Take action.
Move forward on that business idea, ask him/her out, start writing the book you’ve always been meaning to, ask someone to be your mentor, call the clients you’re afraid will say no, set the boundaries you’d really like, put up your website – and do it badly. Really badly!

Be willing to crash and burn.
Be willing to be really horrible at this new endeavor.

It’s fascinating how many people (including me) think they should be good at something they’ve just learned.  I don’t care whether it’s tying your shoe, learning    how to eat healthier, or building your business, if you’ve never done it before you’re probably going to suck at it.  Most people do.  It takes practice and learning as you practice.

Seems simple enough, but how many times have you see someone give up because they weren’t good at it right away – or fast enough?

Another area where people get hung up, and that keeps them perennially going to school, is the need to know how everything fits in place before they start.  “I need to know how to perform every future task and I need to know exactly how this is going to unfold.”  Not only do you not need to know how, but you won’t know until you begin.

Much of what you need to learn anyway won’t come from anywhere else but from your own experiences.  You won’t even know what you actually need to learn until you get out and try.  Move forward with what you do know how to do.  Do you know how to get a domain name?  Do that. Do you know how to write?  Begin writing.  Do you know how to speak?  Start asking for what you want.  Do you want to run a marathon?  You know how to walk don’t you?  Start walking.

“How” is always delivered when you’ve asked, and when you have a genuine need to know.  It’s a just-in-time delivery system.  Look back over your life for the evidence of this.  How many times did you ask for information that you had no ability to use?  When you truly needed to know “how”, it showed up didn’t it?

Give up needing to be competent anywhere close to beginning something new.
Give up needing to know “how” before you begin.
…..And hang on for the ride!!!

Have fun!


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