Googling God

July 24th, 2012 by Patty Bear

The internet has made it possible to get answers to almost any question immediately.  The one thing it hasn’t perfected the ability to search for yet is, “what should I do in this situation?” ” What is right for me? ” “what should I do next”

And aren’t those the ones we most want the answers to?

Whatever your concept of a higher power is (God, Spirit, the Universe, etc) I’d like to introduce you to an easy way get your most important questions answered.   It’s called a Query  and I learned it first from the Quakers, although I’ve seen it described in many other places since then.   Like the internet it is a resource that is right at your fingertips all the time and like a lot of resources we have- one that we overlook all too often.

A query is a simple question that is both specific and open ended.  It’s characterized by a sense of wonder, a willingness to accept whatever answer arrives, the patience to allow it to arrive in its own time, and the trust that your question WILL be answered.

I distinguish it from praying because usually we’re praying for some specific results: please don’t let me embarrass myself, please let my child be safe, please let me get this contract,  And oftentimes we pray about really heavy things.  But, a query is simple, light, and trusting like the question of an innocent child.  It get’s to the heart of the matter without taking on the weight of the world.

It’s the ultimate outsourcing.  Why should you work so hard to figure something out when you could just ask and have exactly what you need delivered to you?

When you find you’ve been struggling with something and you can’t figure it out- stop struggling and ask.


So here’s how it works.

Ask a simple question about what you most need to know from a state of openness – and then let it go.

What is the next step to take for my business?
This person (name) is really causing problems for me- what should I do about that?
Where can I find a: tool I need, mentor, inspiration, partner?
Who is the right person for this job?

Writing this request down may help to remind you of what you asked for, but it’s not necessary.  What is necessary is, that once you ask, you simply trust that it will be answered and you’re open to recieving whatever the answer is.

Queries are like a sweet summer breeze that blows by just at the right time with an answer to a langorous trusting question.

I’ve had great results with queries and been intrigued by the stories of clients I’ve shared this technique with.  I’d love it if you shared your results with me or allowed me to share them with your fellow readers.

Why not sink into the hammock and just google God?

Hope you’re enjoying the summer!

In Joy,

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