Hey, can I help you with that?

October 4th, 2011 by Patty Bear

No thanks, I got it.

How many times do I say this? All the time.

Now, even if you’re not a football fan- stay with me here for a bit…

Someone throws a ball (or hands it off) and someone catches a ball. That’s basically how the entire game of football is won or lost- more or less.

So what happens when the ball is not caught or it’s fumbled away? Do this enough times and lights out- end of ball game. Those games aren’t much fun to watch and I’m sure they aren’t much fun to play either.

Just recently I had an aha.

People are often throwing me the ball and I’m saying “No, thanks. I got it”. I’d like to have some help. Apparently, just not enough to actually take it.

This is what poor receivers do. They turn away when the ball is thrown their way. “That’s not enough”  “It doesn’t really count.”  “That’s not exactly what I wanted goes the internal dialogue. “Well, yes he did appreciate me that one time, but….

In fact if you were to put a poor reciever’s mantra up on a billboard it would consist of just two words:

Yeah, but

You see, there is abundance everywhere if we will just look for it. If we will just open our minds, our hearts, and our hands.

We don’t experience scarcity because there is a lack of abundance, but because we aren’t looking for it and we aren’t very practiced at receiving it.

–  We’re not overweight because we eat too much, we’re overweight because we receive too little.

We don’t linger over flavors and textures and soak them in until we are all filled up with the sublimeness of the food we’re eating.

Nope, we’re too busy trying to get enough. And so feeling scarce- we eat some more.

Our body being such a faithful servant recognizes that we “need” a lot and so it just keeps all that extra food handy: on our hips, our belly, our butt, arms and legs. I know that sometimes we think our body fails us, but it’s just working its little heart out trying to meet our needs.

-Same thing with money; are you really luxuriating in the things that you’ve spent your money on? Do you just loooove what you purchased? Are you “catching” the value that has come your way?

Or do you just feel poor because the money is gone?

And how many times do we receive an answer to our problems, but  then don’t actually implement that  solution?
Our overwhelm, despair, or frustration is crying out for an answer and when it arrives we say “well, yeah, but not that”,  maybe later, or I don’t have the time, the money, or….. something.

In other words “No, thanks!  I got it.”

There is abundance all around us. There is in fact plenty. Always. Feel the truth of this.

We are really only limited by our ability to receive.

What could be possible for you if you honed your receiving skills with-

– money



-your big dream

-your body

-the answers you are getting?
What will you drink in, soak up, luxuriate in, breathe in, allow, welcome, invite, and receive this week?


Have fun playing!


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