If it feels good, do it!

October 19th, 2010 by Patty Bear

What????  That’s so irresponsible, permissive, and liberal!  How can you say that?
The origins of this saying may very well have been all of these things – I simply don’t know, nor do I care.

>>>>> Because this statement is the key to everything you want in life <<<<<

If you have done the work to notice what feels good to you, and you have the discipline to follow this guidance, then life can be very easy and very fun.  In fact I would go so far as to say there is nothing else you ever need to do.
If you simply pay attention to how you feel, or more to the point, how you want to feel, decisions become clear, ideas arrive, courses of action are easy to see, and people and circumstances that are aligned with you stand out like neon signs.  It’s as if, with every step you take, the next  step on the path is illuminated and you skip from one to the other.
So what’s with the work and discipline part you mentioned?  ….. it sounds pretty good otherwise.
Most of us, when we feel bad, look outside of ourselves for the cause.  Aha, there it is – over there in that person or that situation!  If they would just be different, then I would be happy, and here are all the ways they should be different.  And then we react in some way.  We get angry, quit, leave, blame, complain incessantly, retaliate, or sulk.
We don’t ask ourselves beforehand how do I want to feel?  What would really feel good in this situation, in this relationship, and then respond accordingly and get the results we do want.
Why not?  Because that’s too hard!
When we haven’t taken the time to know what we really want and what makes us feel good, it does seem difficult.  But in reality we have become very knowledgeable and articulate about what we don’t like and don’t want. And because it’s become a habit, it feels effortless.  We just find ourselves doing it without really even noticing anymore.  But it’s like being in the habit of dragging an anchor around behind you.  No wonder life feels so hard and you can’t figure out why.
So what should I do to start paying attention to what I do want, and what does feel good, so that life can get easier?
Quit complaining.  That’s the first step.
Drop that ball and chain you drag around everywhere you go.  You don’t have to pretend everything is perfect you just have to stop telling everyone how terrible it all is.
Here’s to feeling GOOD!


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