I’m so tickled!

November 8th, 2011 by Patty Bear

I finally got the domain name theflyingclub.com!

I’ve had the idea for The Flying Club for a long time- before I had any idea what that really looked like or what it was supposed to be. But years ago when I went to secure this name, it was already taken.  So I settled on theflyingclubonline.com since it was available.  It was kind of  mouthful though.  I’d tell people what my website was and they’d go, “huh?”.

At the time someone was already using the name.  And then sometime later it came up for sale.  But, when I enquired about the price it was more than I could justify.  This summer though, I got  a routine email notice that one of the other unused domain names I have needed to be renewed.  I didn’t pay much attention to the email.

At the time I was burned out, discouraged, and wondering why I didn’t just spend my days puttering in the garden rather than building a business.  Truthfully, some days it was just hard to get out of bed.  Why bother, I thought, it isn’t going to make any difference anyway.  I thought about what it would be like to just quit. The doubt and the fear of failure would finally be gone.  I imagined what  a relief that would be.  Think of all the free time I’d have if I just quit?

And then my own words came back to me.

In a brief respite from this fog of despair, I’d written about the origin of the word inspire and how it meant “God breathed”.  Now these words popped up again  with a question, “If God has breathed this inspiration into you- who are you to decide that you’re not capable?”. 

I didn’t have an answer for that.

So I decided that, well, alright then, I guess I can just put one foot in front of the other and do my part.   I got out of bed and sifted through the old email, did the renewal, and then a curiousity hit me.  I wonder whatever happened to theflyingclub.com?  I wonder if anyone ever bought it and if they’re using it?

A search quickly found it.
And there it was for sale- still waiting for me- and at a lower price!  So I bought it!

Yes, it was still a stretch, a leap of faith, but it felt like one of the smartest things I’ve done in  awhile.  And then other things started happening.

-learning opportunities arose that seemed just right and got me into more action.

-business opportunities that I wouldn’t have dared to do before suddenly seemed like “what the heck, why not”?

-and answers to questions of HOW that I’d had for a long time suddently started appearing very easily.

Since then I’ve come away with this simple answer to fear.

Just keep moving.

Keep moving mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Ask the questions, make the plans, take the leap, do the work. Trust that if you’ve been inspired it must be possible.  Who are you to argue with the source of breath itself? Stretch, grow, step.  Just do something, anything.  Sometimes it doesn’t even matter what you do.  When you start moving Life starts moving with you and then things really get cooking!

What will you move on?

Have fun playing! Patty

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    • admin says:

      Thank you! I am passionate about helping women listen to the genius of their bodies so that they can they have the energy and the time to share their unique genius with the world.

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