Indecision weighing you down?

September 12th, 2012 by Patty Bear

Remember that famous commercial “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen” ?

Remember the dramatic pause, and then the total silence afterwards stopping people in their tracks long enough to hear what was really being said? Well, for me it seems like lately the topic of decisions is popping up in discussions all around me: with my clients, in my mastermind groups, and in the conversations in my own head.

When I see patterns like this, I know it’s time to take an EF Hutton moment to stop and truly listen.

What is this  pattern trying to tell me?  It’s interesting to me how many words associated with weight loss we use to describe other parts of our life.  Think about your own life.  Where do you feel  heavy, weighed down, or making unhealthy choices: in relationships, business, mindset, health,  money, clutter  in your time or home?  It’s all related.

Have you noticed, we’re often heavy on the inside long before we reach for the chips or the  ice cream? 

At the heart of a whole lot of that heaviness is basic indecision.  Should I do this?  Can I do that?  What will happen if I say what I really think, or do what I really want?

And one of the biggest ways we stay in indecision is by focusing on what we don’t want or thinking that we have to know HOW to do something before we can decide to move forward.

Is indecision weighing YOU down?

Here’s a  speedy “2 step” to lighten up and dance with life.

1. Are you deciding based on what you want or what you don’t want?

It’s a crucial distinction.  People who stay focused on what they don’t want stay in the purgatory of indecision.

Think about it.

What you don’t want is a whole universe of things.  I don’t want that, or that, or that, no not that one, not that either.  Hoping to sift out all of the unwanted options so that when the clouds  magically part, it will shine on that one perfect choice, takes a lot of time. Imagine how long it will take to sort out everything you don’t want?  It’s infinite.

What you do want is just one thing.  A way out, or more money, or a better relationship, etc.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just ask yourself “what’s  the opposite of what I don’t want” and go with that?

2. Turn it around.  180 degrees.  What do you really want?

Now stop and listen to your brilliant body.  Can you feel how much lighter that feels?  Definite decisions bring lightness and flow.  They return energy to your body and make it available to take inspired action.

All radical change arises out of making small clear decisions around what you want.

One definite decision leads to another and another, until one day you notice you are riding a powerful river that is taking you where you’d always hoped to go.

Where are you in indecision today?

Where do you want your river to take you?

Now go make a decision in that direction and enjoy the ride to the sea.

Have fun playing!

In Joy,

Patty Bear owns The Flying Club®, is a pilot flying internationally for a major airline ,a wife, and a mom. As a coach, she helps busy “women on the go” who are starved for time, sick of dieting, but determined to be healthier. Her 6 month program  Lighten Up & Lose shows you how to lose weight from the inside out so you feel young, live longer, and look great! 

2 Responses to “Indecision weighing you down?”

  1. gold account says:

    Several years ago I spoke with a young woman who returned for vacation from her Ivy League college. She confided in me that “every girl” on her dormitory floor routinely vomited their food in order to stay trim. Routinely starving or vomiting takes a lot of discipline, so no wonder it is so popular on elite college campuses. Even the brightest, most disciplined kids out there succumb to the magic of good marketing. They will get thinner at any cost because that’s what women do in America.

    • admin says:

      Yes, you are so right. There is so much information and marketing out there and it takes us away from what really works and that is inside of us. When we go back to listening to what our bodies are telling us we never feel deprived and we relax into weight loss and into our naturally healthy body and our ideal weight.

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