Is your mind telling you it’s time to play?

April 22nd, 2013 by Patty Bear

Hello my fellow Barnstormers,
Everything in life really follows the same principles, it just looks a little different depending upon the game you are playing….. It’s all connected!

Is your mind telling you it’s time to play?

It’s peaceful here in the middle of the night in Dubai. And since it’s only dinnertime at home and I can’t sleep, I’m working on three things at once: writing and reading and planning. And staring out at the twinkling lights below. Oh, and taking a bath too.
The table here is strewn with papers and my books and a notebook are by the bathtub. Yes, I know you’re supposed to just focus on one thing at a time, but I don’t really like to do that. I do my best work with lots of different input. Plus, it’s just so much fun.


So I thought I’d pass along the thought that got me out of the bath and writing it down before I forgot. It’s a little bonbon I hope you’ll enjoy.

What if “ADD” is just your soul’s desire to play?

What if more than one focus is not wrong, but incredibly right?

What if within ADD/the desire to play is the key to everything in an easier way?

What if it’s an ancient unfulfilled longing reminding you to lighten up?
Is it possible that ADD is so prevalent today because we worship work and deny true childlike play in our lives?

What if we stopped trying to fix our lack of focus and embraced it more often?

What if we respected it?

I personally get my best ideas when I’m not working hard- when I’m just playing.

What about you?

By the way, as a pilot there is ONE overall focus: to make sure we have the same number of landings as takeoffs. But that requires a focus on multiple important things at once. Why would it be any different in other parts of life?

Thanks for listening and as always, have fun playing!

In this you can trust.

In Joy,

Patty Bear owns The Flying Club®, is a pilot flying internationally for a major airline,a wife, and a mom. As a coach, she helps people with a deeper longing to embrace their strengths AND their weaknesses. Her programs teach you to follow the Call of Your Wild Soul to live the life you were born to live and they include: Lighten Up & Lose® (a 6 month program to lose weight from the inside out), Uncovering your Energetic Signature in business, My Flight Plan, and a few others!

Tailwinds – The Wind at Your BackThere are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.

~ Charles Dickens

People Often Ask Me … “Why is it called The Flying Club?”

I’ve been a pilot for 30 years, but the real reason is this:

When we try too hard, sometimes the very thing that we most want eludes us. We are driven where we would be better served by lightening up a bit.

That’s flying!

Nowhere is this more true than our

aproach to weight loss.

Personally, I worked way harder at this

than I needed to for years. And then

one day I stumbled upon an approach to

losing weight without struggling.

It changed the whole way I thought about

food , exercise, and myself. Actually everything. I was able to reach my ideal weight in a way that delighted me in my life!

And that’s the essence of The Flying Club®.

Lighten your mind, shift your habits, “takeoff” the weight

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