It’s Magic…

May 22nd, 2012 by Patty Bear

Gratitude that is.

I like to write about gratitude for three reasons

1. It’s misunderstood
2. It’s so often overlooked
3.It’s so incredibly powerful

What happens to people when they are misunderstood and overlooked?

They don’t shine.  They break down, they malfunction, they get sick, they don’t work very well.   And that’s what happens in life when you don’t practice gratitude.  Your life doesn’t shine.  It loses it’s luster.  It starts to fall apart and malfunction.  You think you’ve had bad luck or something outside of you has changed.

But I’ve noticed that when I fall into complaining and out of appreciation for all the little things that make my life shine, it  stops working so well.  Of course I’m so busy kvetching that for awhile I don’t notice.  Then I wonder, hey what’s happening? What did I do wrong?  How long is this going to last?

And finally, some dim memory of how good it feels to be in the flow seeps into my consciousness and I remember that gratitude and appreciation are the keys to flow.  They are the spring from which the mighty river of Life is sourced.  When they dry up everything else does as well.

And that’s the third reason I write about it- to remind myself of just how powerful a force it is.  I hope in my remembering that it serves you as well.

Drink in all the great and small blessings that are present for you and around you.  Appreciate.  Savor.  When you feel joy or you’re moving towards joy you’re in the flow.

Mmmmmmm, feels so divine!

In Joy,

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