La Dolce Vita- the sweet life

November 22nd, 2011 by Patty Bear

When I think of  the sweet life it seems like a place where I have nothing that I need to do- just eat, drink, mingle with friends, relax and play at the things I love to do. Maybe even in the south of France or making my way through Italy with my family.  There’s no striving just  a leisurely pace of ease and joy.

But the truth is that, while I do want to do all those things the exhilaration of  growing and acting is also part of the sweet life.  There’s stiving that hurts….hurts us and those around us.  And then there’s striving that expands who we are and what we believed was possible.

That kind of striving is  deeply satisfying. It’s the kind of satisfaction that comes from weeding the garden. I’m sweaty and dirty and tired but I look around and see a bed of daylilies not yet in bloom and  I know that when they bloom there will be no weeds to mar their beauty. I’ll drink in the waves of pink, yellow, red, orange, and the purple spider lilies that are so unusual.  Even now in late November, I still drink in the feeling of looking over the waves of daylilies.  The leaves melding into each other in waves of succession are a beautiful sight.

That’s the kind of striving that feeels good. It’s not that the sweet life is effortless it’s that even the striving is part of the sweetness when we’re aligned with who we really are and what really matters to us.

I think we all want to have a life that matters, a life where work and play intermingle, where we drink in the joy of life with deep appreciation.   Not a life without work but a life with work that has meaning to us.

And I imagine that the early settlers felt a deep sense of satisfaction on that first Thanksgiving surveying what they’d accomplished under such difficult conditions.  That’s the sweet life too.

What deep satisfaction do you feel?

What does the sweet life look like in all it’s forms for you?

Happy Thanks Giving!

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