Live Life Joyfully!

October 5th, 2010 by Patty Bear

Think of a time when you were doing something you hated.  How did it go?  Smoothly, easily, lightly?  Probably not.

Now think back to the last time you felt like singing out loud and dancing for joy.  What happened after that, do you remember?  I bet great ideas just rolled into your brain, people were kinder, friendlier, and more generous, tasks went smoother, and unexpected opportunities may have dropped into your lap.  If you can’t remember pick something on your joy list — experiment, and see what happens.

Joy is one of the highest and purest energy states there is.  Joy is evidence of flow.  It’s complete alignment with who you are and what you want.
Keep working on your bliss list.  What gets you aligned?  Be specific.  Is it a particular hobby, sitting on the porch, lunch with a friend, poker with your buddies, fishing, tinkering, creating a gourmet meal, reading on a rainy day, listening to music, beautiful art, laying in the grass staring at the clouds?
Here’s a hint; nothing that you “should” do belongs on your joy list.
If it brings you pure joy, your whole self is leaning into it, eager to begin!
Keep adding to your list!


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