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LIGHTEN UP & LOSE- takeoff the weight forever – 26 week self-study program

  • Discover the 1 secret to relaxed weight loss that no one else is telling you. So simple and so so subtle you’ve probably seen it a million times and never knew it was so effective.

  • Practice the 9 keystone habits to put your ideal weight on autopilot- one of which is so simple and so powerful you can use it to easily lose excess weight and to balance your budget as well.
  • Create your Signature Style- eating, moving, and a third key area. One size does not fit all. In fact, recognizing and stepping into your signature style means that you can do this your way for life.
  • Turn on your Internal Navigation System– never count calories, fat, or anything else again.
  • Uncover the power of plateaus- see why weight loss plateaus are not your enemy they’re your friend. Learn how to leverage plateaus to change your weight loss story forever.
  • Discover your “chain of events”- what causes you to sabotage your success?
  • Take command of cravings- a simple technique that puts you in charge rather than putting food in charge.
  • Spin recovery– many programs tell you “don’t eat emotionally”, but I’ll tell you what TO do instead. Practical solutions for when you find your emotions spinning out of control and taking your best intentions with them.
  • Why the simple decision to join The Clean Plate Rebellion can help you lose weight faster and easier.
  • Discover how achieving weight loss success transforms every area of your life: yes- even sex, relationships, and money. There’s no way you can take this course and not transform the rest of your life.


And so much more….26 weekly lessons taking you step-by- step to a lighter body and lighter mind.

Do you know you function best with accountability and some guidance to stay on course?

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