April 19th, 2011 by Patty Bear

A coach asks a lot of questions.  Why?  How come?  What if?  Is that really true? What else have you tried?  What’s the perfection in this situation?

Often we become so stuck in our ways and our thinking that the solutions seem as difficult as getting to the moon.  Questions tug at the strings that unravel possibilities.  A simple question can be so powerful that a solution appears with breathtaking speed and clarity.  It can propel you to a transformative mindset in an instant, leaving you awed at the distance you’ve just covered.

Questions open the mind to new possibilities.

Recently, I was talking with a friend who has an incredibly creative idea.  It’s so exciting, and it’s so her, making use of both the things she loves and her many talents.  She was saying how a couple of years ago this level of creativity would never have occurred to her.   Both the quantity of her ideas and the quality of them were making leaps. Thinking outside the box was something that started slowly and gathered steam the more she dreamed and acted.

Questions get this process moving.  They get you thinking outside the box ever so slightly- and that’s all it takes to set something joyful in motion.  Questions are powerful.  I love them.

Some questions of course can pin you to the wall or be intrusive, but the kind I’m talking about are curious, open, full of wonder and simple.

Here are some to play with.  Ask yourself, ask others.  And then listen to the answers that arrive.
1.       Is it really true?
2.      What else might be true?
3.       If this (painful situation) were actually in my best interests – what might that be?
4.      What would feel really, really good at this moment?
5.       If I were to live boldly – what would it look like for me?

What kind of questions do you ask to pull on the strings of possibility?

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