Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.

My Flight Plan is a workbook and a map for your Hero's Journey.

You can use it for any goal you would like to work on.  It includes all three dimensions of flight. 

Pick a goal, any goal that’s important to you, and use it to learn how to follow your bliss.  

There are three avenues available for your Journey.

    1. Quick Alignment Goal Evaluation
    2. My Flight Plan Checkpoints program with email coaching
    3. My Flight Plan Private Instructor Program


Quick Alignment Goal Evaluation

Get a single session (60-90 minutes) evaluation of any goal that you are working on.  In our call I’ll help you evaluate your goal in all three dimensions: physical, mental, and how closely it’s aligned with your spirit. 

We’ll use my 4 Forces of Flight Diagram to help you visually see what you are doing as if you were an airplane.

  • Where are you stalling out?
  • What’s causing drag?
  • Where are you carrying too much weight for your journey?
  • What can you do to create more lift?
  • What can you do to move faster?
  • Get a bird’s eye view of you and your goal

Your Investment: $150

Please email me to learn more.


My Flight Plan Checkpoints Program

When your soul becomes your guide you’ll notice that occasionally you get guidance directly, but most often the soul speaks in symbolic language: synchronicities, unexpected opportunities, patterns, metaphors, lessons, experiences and many more.  When you are alert to this you notice opportunities that others do not.  Learning to understand the language of the soul is vital to your confidence in trusting that you can follow your bliss.


My Flight Plan is an unusual goals workbook.  You will practice learning the language of the soul while you do all of the regular things you do with goals: defining your goal, planning, chunking, taking action, and measuring progress.


The Checkpoints program is an email coaching program that comes with the workbook and a trained accountability partner. You’ll get  someone who feedback and some insight on your particular patterns as well as gentle course corrections when you get off the path, get discouraged, or run into fear.


If you’re looking for a steady and consistent partner who’s achieved many ambitious goals across the spectrum of life.  Someone who understands not only the strategic “nuts and bolts” of goal achievement, but also the emotional and environmental issues that are traditionally ignored and can provide loving accountability and feedback then the Checkpoints program may serve you well. This program is offered in 3 and 6 month intervals.


Please email me to set up a complimentary call to learn more.


My Flight Plan Private Flight Instructor Program

If you know you need accountability and you’d also like to gain a much deeper understanding of your relationship with goals and following your bliss then you may want to consider the Private instructor Program. Get everything in the Checkpoints program: the workbook, the email accountability, plus 2 private coaching calls each month. In the coaching calls we will refine your goal, brainstorm about actions you can take, examine your environment for blocks to your goal as well as the lessons in your environment and relationships that impact this goal.


You’ll gain a more personal understanding of how to follow your Wild Soul.  Insight on your Energetic Signature and learn how to recognize the lessons in suffering and harvest the wealth in them much more quickly.  If you’re ready to dive in deep and you have an appetite for both life and learning,  you may benefit from my Private Instructor Program which is offered in 6 month intervals.

Please email me to set up a complimentary call to discuss your goal.

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