Shhhh ….. Appreciation in Progress

March 1st, 2011 by Patty Bear

“Appreciation is a little thing, yet it’s not a little thing at all.  It warms the heart and spurs the soul and transforms weariness into joy” – Anonymous

Appreciation is such a critical part of living easier.  It smooths the way.  It lifts the spirit of those who give it and those who receive it. Genuine appreciation opens hearts and minds, so you may be surprised when I say to do it silently.

Why silently?

Appreciation is often confused with compliments. You appreciate that someone did you a favor and you say thank you; maybe with a” thank you”, a card, or a return favor.  It seems like something you should say out loud, but I’m going to invite you to take part in a fun little experiment.

For the next week find things to appreciate in the people around you, but don’t say anything to them.
·         Notice something unique about your spouse- how does it add to your life or your family’s?
·         The people you work with, even if you wouldn’t be best friends with them, what do they add to the world?
·         The waiter, what can you find to appreciate?

You get the point.  Look around and find things to appreciate.

And the second part of this experiment is to notice how you feel when you do this. Does it feel good?  Does your day go smoother?  How do people who have no idea you’re appreciating them, how do they react?  What shows up?

Shhhh.  Be quiet!  Just notice.

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