Spring Cleaning!

April 5th, 2011 by Patty Bear

Growing up I remember doing spring cleaning.
I hated it!

Well at first I hated it, but then it was kind of satisfying.  Everything smelled fresh and clean with the open windows blowing out the staleness of winter.

Spring brought hope, color, and flowers!

What have you got that needs a spring cleaning?  Is it your thinking, your time, or your spaces that need to be cleaned up?  Almost certainly it’s more than just one.  You don’t have cluttered time or cluttered spaces with clear thinking.

So, where to start? 

Start with what you can see first.  Get rid of what you’re not using or valuing in your spaces.  Clean out your office, your garage, your bedroom.  What small change could keep this clutter from gathering again?  Can you set up a commonsense system to manage what inevitably flows through?

Then do the same with your time.   Start getting rid of things in your time that are unnecessary, that deplete your energy that you “should” do.  Again what small change could keep your time clean?

When you find yourself reluctant to get rid of clutter in your time- voila!!  There’s the cluttered thinking.  I can’t because……so and so has certain expectations.  Expectations are clutter in our time and our thinking.

What expectations do others have of you that you’d like freedom from?

– your kid’s school
– your family
– organizations you belong to
– business tasks that someone else could do
– a role you are playing

Clean it up, throw it out.  Let others know (if appropriate) that you’re no longer going to be filling your time with this.    When you clean out what doesn’t serve you it makes room for what does.

What could bloom if you did a good spring cleaning?

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