The Wealth in being Wrong

April 22nd, 2013 by Patty Bear

Hello my fellow Barnstormers,
Everything in life really follows the same principles, it just looks a little different depending upon the game you are playing….. It’s all connected!

Wealth in being “Wrong”

Recently, (as in the last couple of years) I’ve felt like I was hitting a wall. And I kept pushing. Cause that’s just what I’ve always done. It’s worked for me in life.
I’ve hit the wall in marathons and experienced the joy that comes in persisting beyond exhaustion. I’ve used sheer persistence to break out of a culture much like the Amish and to become an Air Force pilot. I’ve used it to confront the barriers of being a woman in a “man’s ” field. So I have a deep respect for the power of head on persistence in the face of adversity.
But this wall seemed to be telling me something different.: It seemed to be blocking a particular path, and a popular path that I very much wanted to travel. I kept trying to figure it out, make it fit, to improve, to fix what wasn’t good enough. Only in exhaustion could I finally hear the message that it offered , “It’s time to follow your own path.” Frankly that’s a little scary. What if I’m wrong?
How many times when we struggle with something that isn’t budging or have a difficult experience with someone, or experience failure do we conclude that we must be screwing up in some way?
Maybe not.

These are what I think of as Contrast Experiences.
We can move ahead from positive feedback and positive experiences, but we can also make quantum leaps from “negative” interactions that provide a contrast.
I know you know this, but it’s easy to forget. It’s easy to get lost in the pain about what’s happening when we bash into adversity.
So here are 5 forms of wealth provided by Contrast Experiences.
1.It’s making you clearer about what you really want.
2.It’s chipping away at something that is obscuring your genius.
3.It’s showing you a tool that can make life easier in business, a relationship, around money, etc.
4.It’s offering resistance to make you stronger: to build your belief in yourself, your belief in the Universe, to encourage discipline, to build the muscles of deep inner listening, etc.
5.It’s directing you to stop following the crowd you are with, to take your own unique path, and to blaze the trail of your destiny.
Everything is happening for your greatest good in the long run. In this world where everything is built on fast and faster, Life takes the long view. It’s wise and infinitessimally patient, and extraordinarily loving.

You can have whatever you can hold

Whatever amount of money you can hold. Whatever amount of independence you can hold. What ever amount of love. Go inside to find what a Contrast Experience is offering you. It’s meant to make you stronger and wealthier in some way so that you can hold what you desire and who you really are.

“Wrong” Wealth is Strong Wealth

Contrast experiences are NEVER about making YOU wrong, or small, or less than. We can allow adversity to teach us the wrong lesson and to make us weaker in the eyes of the world. Weaker in our belief in ourself and in our belief in the wisdom of Life. OR, we can allow the message contained within it to build our physical, mental, and spiritual muscles so that we can hold the life we are meant to have.

“Wrong” Wealth is Strong Wealth

How strong would you have to be to hold the life you long for?

The bigger that is, the deeper the calling, the more strength you’ll need to develop.

Be strong my Loves.

Thanks for listening and as always, have fun playing!

In this you can trust.

In Joy,

Patty Bear owns The Flying Club®, is a pilot flying internationally for a major airline,a wife, and a mom. As a coach, she helps people with a deeper longing to embrace their strengths AND their weaknesses. Her programs teach you to follow the Call of Your Wild Soul to live the life you were born to live and they include: Lighten Up & Lose® (a 6 month program to lose weight from the inside out), Uncovering your Energetic Signature in business, My Flight Plan, and a few others!


Tailwinds – The Wind at Your Back

There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.

~ Charles Dickens

People Often Ask Me … “Why is it called The Flying Club?”

I’ve been a pilot for 30 years, but the real reason is this:

When we try too hard, sometimes the very thing that we most want eludes us. We are driven where we would be better served by lightening up a bit.

That’s flying!

Nowhere is this more true than our

aproach to weight loss.

Personally, I worked way harder at this

than I needed to for years. And then

one day I stumbled upon an approach to

losing weight without struggling.

It changed the whole way I thought about

food , exercise, and myself. Actually everything. I was able to reach my ideal weight in a way that delighted me in my life!

And that’s the essence of The Flying Club®.

Lighten your mind, shift your habits, “takeoff” the weight

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