Watch Party Pounds go Poof! with this 1 simple key.

December 11th, 2012 by Patty Bear

Do you ever dread the holiday party season?

You made it through Thanksgiving and all of your favorite foods relatively unscathed. But it’s just one day and then you’re back on track. Now comes the holiday season with a parade of parties; a wealth of fabulous food and drink, good friends, and much merriment. It’s a season of abundance, but for someone watching their weight it can be pure torture!

And then there are those people who you’d like to torture.

Their weight never seems to change. They’re always slim and looking great no matter what age they are. When the food trays pass by they pick up a piece here and there, but mostly they seem to just not notice the food all that much. Do they have backbones of steel? Are they inhuman? Did they win the genetic lottery? Are they ridiculously disciplined and work out like a superhero all year long?

Some people areexercising superhuman discipline. They work extremely hard all the time at staying slim and it takes an enormous amount of energy. But those who ignore food effortlessly simply have a different mindset that makes it really easy.

Today I’ll give you something to take with you to this year’s holiday parties so YOU can feel just as effortless.

In the book Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard, the authors note that “what looks like laziness is often exhaustion…self-control is an exhaustible resource”. That is so true. When we reach the limits of our self-control we break down easier. You know…like at the end of a long, hard week when you find yourself staring at the food table. You’ve already had a drink to relax and you think, “forget it, I’m going to break down and enjoy some food, I’ve done enough”.

Instead of beating ourselves up and feeling like failures we could recognize that what we really need to address is the belief that self-control can work over the long term. Over the long term it leaves us with a constantly empty tank.

The trick to effortlessly keeping off the party pounds AND enjoying the party is to come FULL.

1. Physically full– Eat before you arrive at the party. Eat slow burning foods that fill you up and sustain you: whole grains, protein, fruits, nuts, etc. Come full so that you can enjoy the treats and never feel deprived.

2. Emotionally full– Parties can stir up feelings of emotional starvation as well. Perhaps everyone else has a spouse or partner to be with, but you don’t. Keeping your fingers busy with food or moving back and forth to the bar means that you feel less awkward and lonely, but it also leaves you eating food that you don’t really enjoy.

Before you arrive at the party, take some time to fill up emotionally: spend time with friends, family, or pets who adore you. Read a good book, listen to music that inspires you: Do something that “fills you up”

3. Spiritually full– It’s the season of giving. Come with your arms filled with gifts from your spirit. Give the gift of Attention– many people in this world are hungry for someone to truly listen to them. Be curious, give them your full attention- even the boring, and egotistical- especially them.

Give the gift of Grace– silently bless those you don’t particularly like (you may do this from the other side of the room if you like). They may need it the most.

Give the gift of Companionship– go find someone who doesn’t have a partner at the party. Maybe they look lonely or awkward or they’re not so familiar with this crowd. Let them know you see them and they’re not alone.

Go to the party full, give all of your gifts away, and come home abundantly full.

Abundance is your natural state. Deprivation can only work for a short time. It really doesn’t matter whether we’re talking about food or money or anything else. If you lead from abundance the struggle with weight simply vanishes. You return to your natural good feeling weight and maintaining that body size is effortless. I know it seems too simple to be true, but the most powerful things are often the absolute simplest.

If you’d like to reach your ideal weight and learn how to stop struggling with food all year round, in every situation, I’m offering my Lighten Up & Lose program beginning Jan 10th, 2013.

Due to my flying schedule, I’ll have 5 slots open in Jan. If you’d like to book a complimentary Lighten Up & Lose strategy call simply click here.

Everything that truly works, and most importantly- lasts- is simple and abundant. Our relationships last because of the little things we do. Business that lasts is built on the truly simple things: trust, fairness, good value. Our bodies are no different , we just make it complicated. In this season of simple joys, remember to take your fullness with you and see how easy that makes everything.

I’d love to hear about your experiences at holiday parties and the impact that being “full” had on your experience. Perhaps your story will help someone else who’s struggling this holiday. You can click on this link to share on the blog.

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