What drugs are you on?

October 23rd, 2012 by Patty Bear

I recently read a statement that stopped me in my tracks.

It said “music is the most powerful drug there is”

In a society awash in drugs: drugs for every conceivable ailment (and some that never occurred to me) we often neglect to make full use of the most powerful ones available: music, laughter, play, and love.

What do they all have in common?

They bring us joy.

They move us

They fill us up.

When I hear music I’m inspired.

Inspired with ideas I never thought before. Inspired with energy I thought I was too tired to access. Inspired with confidence I thought I didn’t possess. Full with inspiration and beauty.

This quote reminded me of how often I think I am sourced from something outside of myself and how music continually reminds me that everything comes from within and through us.

Remember the air bands from the 1980”s?

Really, it was just a karaoke bar with hair brushes. We, well I, pretended to be able to sing. Boy, that was fun!

The other day I said to my husband, “I wish I could sing”. He replied, “I wish you could too.” And although he’s had to endure far too many of my off key attempts I still think that singing is one of the most remarkable things we can do for ourselves.

As I write this I’m listening to Lisa Gerrard sing Sacrifice and my body moves with a soulfulness and grace that it rarely does. It feels as if every cell of my body is swaying, yearning, seeking, overflowing with the joy of expression.

In a world of plenty where we so often feel deprived, go get your hairbrush, put on your favorite songs and drink in the most powerful of drugs- music.

What moves you to tears of joy, delight, laughter, love, and gratitude just to be able to hear music?

What fills you up?

In Joy,

Patty Bear owns The Flying Club®, is a pilot flying internationally for a major airline,a wife, and a mom. As a coach, she helps busy “women on the go” who are starved for time, sick of dieting, but determined to be healthier. Her 6 month program Lighten Up & Lose shows you how to lose weight from the inside out so you feel young, live longer, and look great!


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