What’s your level of overwhelm?

June 7th, 2011 by Patty Bear

Let’s face it, even the most exciting changes can be overwhelming as they are arriving.  The process of creating change often has lots of moving parts.

But, there is a difference between being overwhelmed because you are learning something new or just overwhelmed by daily life.

One is completely natural and healthy. The other is a call for change!

You  are  going  to be overwhelmed when you are challenged with a new environment, a new goal or some kind of growth. This kind of overwhelm is situational- not systemic. It’s evidence that you are responding to life.

Expect it, accept it, embrace it- celebrate your courage to get in the game of life.

On the other hand becoming overwhelmed by life or business can become a habit. Struggle and overwhelm can become part of your adopted identity that, as painful as it is, makes you feel busy, important, and noble.

So the next time you’re experiencing overwhelm ask yourself, “does this have a familiar feel to it, or am I in the process of making a big change?”

If it’s old and familiar, know that it’s just a habit that can be changed.

And if it’s not, accepting that it’s a part of growth can free up valuable energy.

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