Where the TAILWINDS are in Life?

September 7th, 2010 by Patty Bear

One easy way to tell if you’re in a Tailwind is by how good you feel – simple but true.  If you’re feeling excited, joyful, hopeful, delighted, generous, beautiful, lucky, appreciative, prosperous,free, lighthearted, etc. then you are in a Tailwind.  The better you feel, the higher your energy state,  and the stronger the Tailwind.
Why is feeling good a Tailwind?
Well, have you ever noticed how your day goes when you’re feeling “out of sorts”- irritated, angry, suspicious, depressed, doubtful, blaming, or stuck without choices?  Not very well does it?
In fact if you start your day feeling crummy it usually gets worse.
Have you noticed?
It’s like a snowball effect and it just keeps getting lousier and lousier.
However, watch what happens when you’re feeling really good.  It’s almost as if you have a Teflon coating that repels negative people and unfavorable results.  You are luckier than normal.  You’re more confident, competent, energetic, persuasive, creative, likeable, attractive, and successful.  Things just have a way of going your way.  Life tips her hat to you!  That’s flow!
That’s a Tailwind.
When you know what a Tailwind feels like and you know where to find it then all you have to do is put yourself in the Tailwind and enjoy the ride to your destination.  Sounds easy you say?  Actually it’s not hard, but it does require practice.  We’ll be exploring some specific things you can practice in the following newsletters.

But in the meantime, if you had a strong tailwind at your back, what could be possible for you?


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