Your Internal Compass

September 21st, 2010 by Patty Bear

Were you raised to take goals and life very seriously and to have fun with whatever small amount of time was left over?  Work first and play later?  Well, I’m here to tell you that’s actually the long route, and it’s way harder than it has to be …..
Play at life!
Have fun, do things that bring you joy.
Lighten up.
Take your life and your goal a little less seriously.
Make it a game and watch how much more you accomplish.
Do what makes you blissful.
Do things that make your soul feel as if it’s too big for this world.
Then watch how many people and opportunities show up who want to be on your team and a part of your dream!
For many of us though, this is a lot easier said than done.  Our internal compass is a little out of whack.  It knows the difference between feeling good and bad and tries to keep us pointed away from feeling bad as much as possible, whether that requires entertainment, food, alcohol, work, shopping, etc.   But, pure joy we’ve lost touch with- our compass is no longer calibrated that finely.

When I ask my clients to make a list of what brings them energy and makes them feel really alive, most of them are stumped. They simply don’t think about it that often.

So what about you?

If I were to ask you what makes you mad, what would you say?  What really ticks you off about your employer, the other political party, your neighbor, those people who don’t know how to drive, taxes, healthcare, the economy?  How long and detailed would your list be and how quickly could you come up with it?

And if I asked you what makes you blissful – not happy, not feeling good, not better than yesterday, but utterly joyful – how long would your list be and how quickly could you tell me?

Here is the difference between easy and hard, between living in a headwind or a tailwind, between being resigned to this life and having what you really, really want.
If you will just follow it, your internal compass will point the way toward flow- toward your tailwinds – every single time.  So make sure it’s calibrated.  And the way you do that is by identifying what brings you joy.

Start making your list!


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