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for following the Call of your Wild Soul 

13 Takeaways from the Practical Mystic’s Path

  • There is no such thing as THE Way. Everyone has their own path and their own inner guidance system. 

  • It is crucial to understand the cycles of transformation and the laws of flight so you don’t become discouraged and quit just before the breakthrough. 

  • Life is much less stressful when you trust the process and the timing. 

  • It is absolutely necessary to develop character so you’re capable of walking your path.

  • There is a need to take smart risks and be willing to fail to learn. 

  • You can’t go very far or very fast on your path without self-management skills. 

  • Everything on your path can be used for transformation.

  • Suffering can be a path of accelerated growth. 

  • Trauma throws you into the deep end of the pool. Some become strong swimmers as a result, and some are too traumatized to do anything but cling to survival. If you become a strong swimmer, I believe you are called to a path of service—teaching others to learn to swim too.

  • Magic rarely comes searching for you on the couch. You have to get off your @#$. 

  • Compassion for self and others unlocks hidden abilities.

  • The journey of evolution continues ever upward. (Even after all the evidence in my life, I still sometimes fall into a pit of doubt and think, Am I screwing up? Why isn’t anything happening? Why isn’t it happening faster? Oh no! Maybe it won’t work out this time. Yet it's all unfolding the way it should.)

  • All that’s ever really asked of you on your Path is to keep walking in the general direction that calls you. Rumi, the 13th-century mystic and poet said, “As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.”

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