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February 2021

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A wholly compelling memoir about unraveling the ties that bind, and coming home to one’s own knowing and wisdom 

Patty Bear grew up among the “Plain People” amidst bountiful farmlands, black bonnets, and black cars. It was a world unto itself, both bucolic and beastly, with traditions and beliefs from the old world deeply rooted in the fertile soil of Central Pennsylvania.


Insulated by a culture that steadfastly kept its distance from outsiders and the march of progress, as a little girl she anticipated following in her mother’s footsteps. But in 1972, at the age of eight, her father sparked religious controversy and ignited a scandal rare in the Mennonite community. Abruptly subjected to the chaos that surrounded the ritual practice of shunning, Patty, her mother, and five siblings were swept into a tornado of absurd accusations and public humiliation, forced to hide and endure publicity that headlined prominent national newspapers for almost a decade.


With her childhood and adolescence overshadowed by domestic violence and her father’s abusive rhetoric, as well as persistent teaching by the Church that women were designed for subjugation and obedience, Patty’s assumed image of her future gradually shifted—leading her to heed the call of her wild soul and the whispers of her Guides toward a bold quest for freedom she never imagined possible.

This candid memoir set in a Mennonite childhood concerns the lasting damage of early traumas, but also recovery from them . . . an inspirational account of transcending limitations and succeeding despite the odds.

—Clarion Reviews

The author tells her story in fluid, open prose that captures both the naïve worldview of her younger self and the observant eye of the woman she became . . . the tale of a girl raised under incredibly odd circumstances that ultimately feels quite universal, touching on the weight of community, the flaws of parenting, the messiness of family, and the drive to achieve more than what is expected.

—Kirkus Reviews

Patty Bear’s captivating memoir recounts her tumultuous childhood as a member of the Reformed Mennonite Church and her remarkable triumph over troubled circumstances . . . a gripping story—one sure to resonate with anyone who believes in the power of the underdog.

—BlueInk Reviews

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This book is a must read for anyone, with or without children. It has such a gentle, playful approach . . . it is softer, sweeter, and happier than any " parenting" book out there. Definitely a must for anyone's parenting library!

—Amazon customer

Want to defy the gravity of your upbringing, or build a bridge between yours and your partner’s different parenting styles?



Parenting is a calling of the highest order. A humble job, it’s also the most honorable and important work in life. Yet you are given so little training to become the kind of parent you long to be. Frazzled by the dizzying changes of today’s complex world, bombarded by countless “shoulds,” and torn between the experts and your heart’s knowing, you watch your best intentions get overrun. What’s more, you are expected to simply be a good parent, regardless of the quality of parenting you received. House of the Sun takes a fresh approach . . .


It suggests that deep within you is a well of natural wisdom that’s the key to being a superb parent for your child. Gently, you come to understand why you sometimes parent in ways you wish you didn’t—and how to shift, whether your children are four or forty. Guided by a metaphor from Nature, you’ll discover the best in you so that you can bring out the best in your child by:


•  inviting your natural wisdom to bloom

•  building your parenting skills no matter your history

•  applying timeless guidance to every age and stage

•  calling on a memorable framework even when life is stressful


Whether you long to reverse dysfunctional family patterns or merely refine your current parenting style, House of the Sun is a companion and guide to nurturing the well-being of each person in the family, as well as for the development of the “Unique Gift” your child has brought to bless the world.

This book had an impact on me right away. It nudged me to see things that I was doing in my own parenting that I could do a lot better. That is what a good book on parenting should do—pique your awareness about key concepts and inspire you to put them into regular practice. House of the Sun does both.

—Amazon customer

The authors did an amazing and profound job in presenting their insights, experiences, and methods, which assist in creating a deeper understanding of how "your total self" can influence your child's development from early stages. The chapters are beautifully crafted. They provide a complete understanding of ways to achieve not only your child's growth and development, but yours as well. It's a book for everyone. Whether you are a parent of older children or child-free, you will enjoy and gain something from this book. The way the authors go to the root of how we as people act, react, speak, think, and treat each other, and then provide solutions and suggestions all in a simplified and intriguing manner, really makes this a more than one- or two-time read.

—Amazon customer

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