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Coaching Packages


90-minute strategy session in any area of life to get you headed in the direction you want to go


When I work with you as a client, I’m assessing what’s going on for you in the present by asking:


  • What do the 4 Forces of Flight look like for you?

  • What is your compass showing?

  • How balanced are you? 

  • Are you clear about where you want to go?  

  • If you feel stuck—is that true, or are you unfairly comparing yourself to some unrealistic standard and this, more than anything, is slowing you down?

  • Is something weighing you down that needs to be acknowledged and dealt with?  

  • What is the core issue presently?


These are just some of the questions I consider in looking at the big picture. Each person is different. My aim in a session is to listen for the core issue that is currently preventing smooth flying and to identify it. Once that’s clear, we can come up with a next step tailored to you, your situation, and your personality. 


Click on the link above to pay for a session. Once I receive your payment, I will send you a link to my scheduling calendar and a worksheet to fill out so that I can prepare for our session together. All sessions are done via phone. 


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*currently not accepting new clients for this program

Monthly sessions help people who hear a Call or are already on a transformational journey and would like ongoing guidance to chart a course, creative consultations to resolve issues and confront obstacles, and a teammate in developing their strategy.


Transformational Journeys include:


  • Personal branding through signature speeches and programs for healers in business

  • Leadership mentoring

  • Relationships

  • Money

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs 

  • Addressing the emotional issues that accompany the transformational journey, including anxiety and how to deal with resistance from others in your environment 

  • Defining what you want and charting a path to get there

  • Workshop development—helping clients shape their expertise and unique viewpoints into a compelling workshop, retreat, or digital product.


If you think you might be interested in monthly guidance, please email me so we can decide if we’re a good fit, and I’ll set up a phone call to chat. I require two sessions/month for the first three months. All sessions are done via phone.


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