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Remember a time when you felt “in the zone”? 


Being in the flow happens because you're connected to something that inspires you—something on your path. By paying attention to what feels uplifting, you can walk a path of breadcrumbs right to your destiny. In the zone you experience effortless effort. Things are simply easier and you discover a hidden brilliance—even genius—within you. You may, in fact, be working very hard but it doesn’t feel like it. Everything just seems to flow. Of course, not everything in life is going to be fun. But if you don’t pay attention to what gets you in the flow—what is attuned to your soul—then you’re not paying attention to your path in life and it feels harder than necessary.

Imagine "Lift" as your mystical antenna to the Divine. This is your connection to: your higher Self, your Guides, and the signposts on your path of destiny.​

Because you are meant to pursue that which brings you joy.


Lift points you toward your True North where you are Gifted. It is always inviting you in the direction of your higher Self, your joy, and your divine purpose. So, pay attention to the details of what lifts you up, inspires you, and makes you feel lighter than air. 



Lift is also where your Guides advise you on your path, help you navigate your everyday life challenges, understand your purpose, and incorporate Divine timing.


This is Mystical navigation—timely, practical guidance from your soul. Like a GPS it’s always pointing your soul back to alignment with your natural path. Mystical navigation does, however, require some skills.



First, you must learn the language of the soul, which speaks in symbols, metaphors, intuition, and synchronicities. And you must decode these symbols for their meaning in your life. This guidance can be used to inform your vision and your choices. Trust that you are always being guided toward your highest good and your purpose. The soul has such far-reaching vision that your guidance may not make total sense in the moment, but it will always feel right. Soul navigation takes trust and a little moxie! 













Let's explore this axis a bit more by considering the element of Weight . . .


Weight represents the forces of gravity—

the forces that weigh you down and anchor you to the past: your cultural conditioning, your wounds, your heaviest emotions and most difficult beliefs, obstacles, and frustrations. 


It’s your baggage—and often not the good kind! 

It represents your shadow, your soul cages, and taboo topics and emotions. It’s the underworld we often don’t talk about. Here lie the invisible anchors that tether us to our old reality. In other words, you can’t see gravity, but if you pretend it isn’t there, you’re going to have a lot of unnecessarily hard landings.  

Going deep within yourself and confronting your wounds relieves them of their power and allows them to be transformed into something beautiful and purposeful. And though you may not realize it, your purpose often involves giving what you did not receive, because you understand that wound and its consequences so intimately. Herein lies the heart of the transformational journey.


Healing is a Hero’s Journey, and when you return from your journey, you bring forth all the treasures hidden beneath your pain. 


But how does this work? 

Often, the temptation of this force is to spend time evaluating what other people should do to make your life less difficult. When you shift your focus from your own accountability to that of how others can make your life better, you disconnect from your power and that’s not the Hero’s Journey

I always tell my clients that “it’s only ever about you.” There’s always some kind of transformation your pain is asking you to make. It may be that you need to become assertive, fight back, stand up, or ask for what you want. It may be that you need to leave someone who is abusive or hold someone accountable. It may require you to look at a trait of yours that brings you shame, like dependency, helplessness, or bad behavior, and do the work of overcoming this condition. That’s the true Hero’s Journey—conscious descent into the darkness and a triumphant return!


As I explained in the Freedom axis, there are polar opposite sides to each axis, and both nodes are intensely personal. In the case of the Destiny axis, Lift asks you to notice what makes you buoyant and to follow that call, while Weight is about the personal nature of your gravity.


What holds you down?

Perhaps it's:


lack of courage

risk avoidance


lack of resources









or any number of others 

The development of character also lies on this axis. How do you handle the traumas and misfortunes of life? Do you pass on your wounds to others? Or do you grow and develop your character and your integrity?


No life is without obstacles. Everyone has a substantial force of gravity in their life—some more than others—but everyone has a core lifelong puzzle to resolve. If you think of obstacles as doorways with coded locks, you can imagine solving the puzzle by unlocking opportunities and doors to greater freedom. In other words, when you transform the obstacle, you defy gravity.


Pay attention to what brings you down, to what feels heavy and burdensome, and transform this baggage. If that’s not possible right now, think about how else you could lighten your load. Can you let some of it go? Can you bring understanding or compassion to the situation so that it isn’t so heavy?


This is the axis where your destiny is encoded and where your diamond Self is revealed. So be creative about finding a way to drop heavy people, situations, and beliefs, and you'll soar.

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