You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?”


Embrace the importance of being clear about what you want and creating a strategy to get it.

Learn to think symbolically, read the signs you are given, and tune into your intuition.

Dare to go beyond what you think is possible for you, develop the stamina to do it, and use practical navigation.


Inspiration  +  Maps  +  Psychology  +  Life Hacks  

for following the Call of your Wild Soul 


Want to defy the gravity of your upbringing OR build a bridge between yours and your partner’s different parenting styles?

Parenting is a calling of the highest order. A humble job, it’s also the most honorable and important work in life. Yet you are given so little training to become the kind of parent you long to be. Frazzled by the dizzying changes of today’s complex world, bombarded by countless “shoulds,” and torn between the experts and your heart’s knowing, you watch your best intentions get overrun. What’s more, you are expected to simply be a good parent, regardless of the quality of parenting you received. House of the Sun takes a fresh approach ... 


A one-time evaluation of your 4 forces of flight

A six-month personal journey coaching program


Patty Bear

A Practical Mystic's Story

Several years ago, on my way to China, I looked down upon the desolate Siberian landscape passing far below and recalled reading about the Soviet gulags in high school more than three decades prior. Straining to hear the Russian air traffic controllers whose heavy accent

sounded like they were talking with golf balls in their mouth, I looked at the instruments in the Boeing 777 cockpit, and then down at Siberia and back again several times. For a long moment, I wondered if I’d awakened from a strange dream. Had I imagined the entire journey to this place in time? How had it been possible to get here, to a place so far from where I’d begun life . . .

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